911 Series Box Set by Grace Hamilton, Jack Colrain (.ePUB)

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    911 Series Box Set (1-3) by Grace Hamilton, Jack Colrain
    Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.5MB
    Overview: Grace Hamilton is the prepper pen-name for a bad-a**, survivalist momma-bear of four kids, and wife to a wonderful husband. After being stuck in a mountain cabin for six days following a flash flood, she decided she never wanted to feel so powerless or have to send her kids to bed hungry again. Now she lives the prepper lifestyle and knows that if SHTF or TEOTWAWKI happens, she’ll be ready to help protect and provide for her family.

    Jack Colrain never intended to be a writer. But retiring after 30 years living, fighting and surviving in some of the grimmest regions in the world, he found himself with some stories to tell and lessons to impart.
    Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


    #1 – Dead Lines
    911 operator Jim Parker wants—more than anything—to be useful again. When a catastrophic EMP strikes, and he’s the last person a kidnapped girl speaks to before the lines go dead, he knows he can’t let her down. Especially when the circumstances are so similar to his own daughter’s disappearance. With the world falling apart around him, he wants to do nothing more than retreat to his prepper cabin. But with a fresh lead on his daughter, and another innocent girl’s life on the line, the disgraced cop will do everything in his power to track them down. 

    Finn Meyers has lost Ava, her best, and only, friend in the world, but she knows where the missing young woman might be—and perhaps Parker’s long lost daughter. Now, Parker must form an uneasy alliance and tackle his own internal demons as the two begin a perilous journey that will take them to the headquarters of a mysterious cult in Indiana. 

    But what they find along the way will shatter all their preconceptions—and threaten the world as they know it. Can a has-been and a has-not save the innocent, and stop a disaster from happening?

    #2 – Dead End
    With the world as he knew it in ashes, one man must protect those who can’t protect themselves.

    In the time before the storm, Jim Parker committed his life to helping others. As a police officer, he placed himself in harm’s way for the greater good. But now that the world’s been turned upside down by a deadly EMP strike, it’s all he can do to survive. With his friends Finn and Ava by his side, Parker must defy the power-hungry Council and search for his long-lost daughter, Sara.

    Sara gave up on being saved a long time ago. Abducted as a child and raised by the Church of Humanity on a compound called the Vineyard, she knows she can only rely on herself. With the Council behind her, she’s been working from the inside to bring down the corrupt Church and its sociopathic leader, Theo Truesdale. When her father and his friends arrive, Sara knows she just might be able to complete her mission—but a horrifying discovery Parker makes along the way shows just how truly ruthless the Council can be.

    Now, Parker will have to decide between taking down the organization that kidnapped his daughter, or saving innocent lives—with nothing less than his humanity hanging in the balance.

    #3 – Dead Reckoning
    In a world on the brink of chaos, a father and daughter must both learn to let go and find their own reasons for survival. But letting go comes at a cost.

    After destroying the Church of Humanity, Jim Parker has become a hero of the rebellion from inside prison walls—even if he doesn’t know it. But despite what he may think, his mission is just getting started.

    Meanwhile, Ava and Sara are determined to save Parker and also help the rebellion. They lost Finn, but they refuse to think that Parker might also be lost for good. But when they help plan and execute a prison break, it turns out that they weren’t nearly as prepared as they thought.

    Suddenly, it’s not just Parker facing a new world and losses to be reckoned with, but all of them. But whether they can survive fighting against the Council and its government, let alone find each other and move forward, is the real test they have to pass.

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