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The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.
Newspaper (50225 Download)

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[ Version 8.5 ] – new: tagDiv Multi-Purpose plugin with 21 content elements for tagDiv Composer
– new: empty page template for landing pages
– new: page template with overlay menu for landing pages
– new: 8 multi-purpose demos
– new: Law Firm multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Smart APP multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Dental Studio multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Spa Heaven multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Construction multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Showcase multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Technology multi-purpose installable demo
– new: Restro multi-purpose installable demo
– new: different width layout sizes – for wider websites
– new: video background with parallax
– new: image background with parallax
– new: option to save gradients as presets
– new: option to save sections (shortcodes, rows) as templates, to use them on other pages
– new: pre-made style presets shortcodes from demos
– new: full height row
– new: content vertical alignment in a row
– new: custom columns gap size
– new: multiple new layout columns options for rows/inner-rows
– new: responsive custom width columns size
– new: multiple responsive options (spacing, borders, shadows, overlay colors, backgrounds)
– new: 3 new header templates for the multi-purpose plugin
– new: Theme Panel option to enable social icons in Main Menu
– new: Theme Panel option to add a background image for header
– new: option to replace the footer with a page content (to build more complex footers using tagDiv Composer)
– new: 1 new sub-footer template for the multi-purpose plugin
– new: button shortcode
– new: call-to-action shortcode
– new: client shortcode
– new: column content shortcode
– new: column title shortcode
– new: fancy text with image shortcode
– new: food menu product shortcode
– new: hero shortcode
– new: icon shortcode
– new: icon box shortcode
– new: image info box shortcode
– new: inline single image shortcode
– new: inline text shortcode
– new: list shortcode
– new: numbered counter shortcode
– new: pricing table shortcode
– new: progress bar shortcode
– new: social icons shortcode
– new: team member shortcode
– new: testimonial shortcode
– new: text with image shortcode
– new: title over image shortcode
– new: gradient color picker
– new: responsive width option for rows, columns, shortcodes
– new: responsive horizontal alignment for rows, columns, shortcodes
– new: responsive z-index option for rows, columns, shortcodes
– new: responsive display option for rows, columns, shortcodes
– new: Theme Panel options for multi-purpose plugin
– new: Theme Panel option to add buttons in main menu
– new: Theme Panel option to add extra information on the top menu or sub-footer like phone number or email address
– new: Theme Panel option to make a bordered website like in this <a href=”” >demo</a>
– new: 5 new styles for active/hover menu items for Main Menu
– new: option to set a global style for buttons
– new: Main Menu sticky colors from the Theme Panel
– fix: mobile smart list 3 title fix
– fix: spacing issue when hide meta info on post template 12/13 and mx8 module
– fix: background color on Text with title block
– fix: no comments displayed on the BuddyPress template

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