In order to help our brave Jawans, the Indian Government introduces 556 robots | Indian army | TECHNOLOGY | unmanned vehicle

With the future set in mind, India is working at a rapid pace to develop robotics as part of its efforts to boost unmanned fighting capabilities. The Indian Army has proposed to build robots within the country that are designed to deliver ammunition at select locations. Prior to this our brave Jawans have been exposed to unimaginable risks when it comes to gathering intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. 

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The Indian army has recently proposed a requirement of 544 robots, as the battle against terror is getting tougher. The introduction of robotics to the Indian army has been hailed as a wise decision with the Defense Ministry approving the proposal. With the terror network continually expanding, the use of robotics for surveillance and delivering ammunition at intended locations has become inevitable.

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Considering the situation at Jammu and Kashmir, the security forces stationed there will soon be facing a threat from the terror outfits. Rashtriya Rifles have been extensively using Robotic surveillance so that they have real time update of the terrorist’s hideout before infiltration.

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The indigenously built robots will be lightweight with the ability to withstand the toughest terrain. The subsystems will consist of surveillance cameras and a transmission systems with a range of 200 metres. These features will give an edge to the brave jawans who have devoted their lives to protect us.

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Earlier the army had been using locally produced remotely operated vehicle, called Daksh. This vehicle was used to handle improvised explosive devices, it also was able to climb stairs. This robot was able to withstand 3 hours of continuous work.

Technology has indeed become a part of our society and now a part of the nations security. Let’s hope this technology contributes in a big way in ensuring the safety of our soldiers!


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