India’s tallest man longs for love but will he find ‘The One’! | Dharmendra Singh | Uttar Pradesh

At 8 ft and 1 in tall, he may just be 11 centimetres shy of the world record but Dharmendra Singh is finding life hard. The gentle giant who towers head and shoulders above his fellow countrymen is struggling to find a good job despite being armed with a master’s degree in Hindi. And there is another difficulty he is facing due to his colossal height – finding a partner.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

The 33-year-old from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, says that it is very difficult to find a woman who is tall enough for him. He admits that women are very interested in him. they talk and giggle but he has never found anyone whom he can look up to. While most people in Singh’s family are of normal height, his maternal grandfather was 7ft 3in, suggesting his size could be genetic.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

As a child, Singh was often bullied and people would call him names like giraffe or camel. Others would hurt his feelings by saying that he had grown too tall and had become hopeless. He now works as a performer at a local amusement park where he earns a meagre 10,000 Rs a month. The good part is that he feels like a celebrity whenever people come to him and take photographs with him.

Let’s hope that Mr Singh soon finds his lady love, the one who will make him feel truly complete!

Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

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