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Sonu Nigam often called as the Lord of Chords and the Elvis Presley of India is the man who loves his family above everything else. He cherishes his role of a husband and a father far more than a singer performer. 

Sonu Agam Kumar Nigam was born on 30 July 1973 to Agam Kumar Nigam and Shobha Agam Kumar Nigam in the city of Faridabad, Haryana. Nigam began his singing career at the age of four when he joined his father Agam Kumar Nigam on stage to sing Mohammed Rafi’s song “Kya hua tera wada”. He got married to Madhurima Sonu Nigam on 15 February 2002.  Even though he has a busy schedule, he always finds time to enjoy moments with family and his son.

Here are some rare family pics that shows us the true side of Sonu Nigam and his love for his family.

Mamma’s boy!

Credit: IBN.

It’s all about smiles!

Credit: Instagram.

Jam sessions with his cute son!

Credit: Instagram.

Father-son looking alike!

Credit: Blogspot | Sonu Nigam online.

That’s one lovely picture!

Credit: Blogspot | Sonu Nigam online.

Pose mode on! all the time!

Credit: Blogspot | Sonu Nigam online.

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