Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter landed in Pakistan only to be sent to jail. This move came after a Pakistan anti-corruption court had sentenced him to 10 years in jail over purchase of luxury London flats sast week. Maryam got 7 years for abetment. Even though Sharif had the option of safely staying abroad, why did he decide to go back to Pakistan. The general elections on July 25 can either finish or totally resurrect his political career. Sharif’s return has boosted the morale of party workers. His party, PML (N) appeared floundering in the political campaign without him at the helm. His return was the only effective way to counter the negative narrative surrounding him. His return will also give more power to his campaign that he is a symbol of resistance against the military and hopes to gain the sympathy vote like Benazir Bhutto’s party did after her assassination in 2008. Sharif believes charges levelled against him are weak and a fair trial, if it comes to it, may end up acquitting him.

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