As the daughter of an art teacher father and sign painter mother, Chicago yoga instructor Soren Buchanan (@spritesoren) grew up surrounded by the visual arts. During her time in college in Florida, her own keen interest in street art began to emerge: “I began noticing, photographing and jumping fences to get to street art and graffiti.” Her second passion, however, didn’t emerge until she left Miami in 2009. “I spent my first Midwestern winter shocked, frozen and hiding from the cold,” Soren says. “I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer.” Thriving in Chicago’s vibrant urban art scene, it was an easy decision for Soren to marry her love of yoga and street murals through the images that she shares. As she tells it, “I hope to accent the art, complement it with human interaction — and yoga provides endless possibilities for shapes and expression.” As Soren develops her own community, she broadens the reach for the artists she highlights. “Artist recognition is very important to me. If people are drawn to my images, they need to know who I am collaborating with,” she explains. “I hope to bring attention to artists who, other than on the streets, might have limited venues showcasing their art and sharing their styles.” Photo by @spritesoren


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