For the past 7 days, Hindus in the state of Odisha, India, have been celebrating Ratha-Yatra, a festival characterized by large, ornate chariots pulled through throngs of people. The event honors Lord Jagannath, the “Lord of the Universe,” and the western term “juggernaut” is derived from the raucousness that characterizes the parade.
Jagannath is actually made up of three deities who are usually worshipped in a temple; But during the month of Asadha, they are paraded in large chariots down a main avenue in Puri to the Sri Gundicha Temple so that they may be seen by the public.
See more photos of the colorful chariots and lively crowds from Ratha-Yatra celebrations in India and around the world by browsing the #rathayatra hashtag.
Photo by @generalaesthetic.

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