As the Iguazu River snakes along the border between Argentina and Brazil, the river suddenly surges over an 82-meter drop. A series of islands along the 2.7-kilometer ridge divides the river into the hundreds of cataracts that make up Iguazu Falls, one of the widest waterfalls in the world.

The giant U-shaped gorge known as “The Devil’s Throat” marks the focal point of the Iguazu. A walkway on the Argentine side leads visitors to a dizzying view from the gorge’s top, while the Brazilian side boasts a platform at the falls’ base that affords tourists a panoramic view of the surrounding 260 degrees of falls.

Intrepid Instagrammers braved the mists and weren’t afraid to get their phones a bit damp for these incredible photos from the falls.

Photo by @flo_ow

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