In 2011, Jess Macdonald (@missunderground) snapped her first photo of the London Underground. Quickly, the beloved Tube’s architecture and tunnels became a favorite scene for Jess and her followers on Instagram. “I got more comments on my underground pictures so that’s when my feed became solely underground shots.” Her iconic photos have drawn a global audience and have also introduced Jess to new friends in London. “I love posting my photos on Instagram, reading and responding to all the comments I get and forming friendships with users from all over the world. I have met some wonderful people, made some best friends and met my boyfriend through the Instagram Community here in London.” Want to shoot your local subway like @missunderground? Be sure to follow Jess on Instagram @missunderground and try out her tips: “Assess your space. Be sure to work with the lines, the artificial light and play with reflections.”


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