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What began as an expression of personal identity has transformed into a colorful business pursuit for Patty Delgado, founder of Hija de tu Madre (@hijadetumadreshop), an online apparel store. Back when she traveled a lot, Patty, who lives in Los Angeles, came across a sequin design of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City and put it on her denim jacket. “I felt like this was something that could really be picked up by a lot of other people who identify, like myself, as Chicana, Mexican-American and a child of Latino immigrants,” she says.
But the designs for Hija de tu Madre are about more than fashion for Patty; they’re about creating community through inclusivity. “It’s something that I really value — being inclusive of different sizes, of different kinds of Latinos, because they’re not a monolith,” says Patty. “There are Afro-Latinos. There are queer Latinos. There are undocumented Latinos. Being inclusive is something that’s allowed me to be so successful because I’m creating a safe space that celebrates the diversity within my Latino community.”
This month, we’ll be sharing the stories of Hispanic-American community members in celebration of #HispanicHeritageMonth, which runs through October 15 in the US.

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