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Photo by @sydn4sty
Sydney Szramowski (@sydn4sty) didn’t always wear such colorful makeup. “I did a thick black wing every day in high school,” she says. “I remember telling my best friend, ‘Cat eyes are definitely my best look.’” The cat eye lives on, but these days, Sydney — who lives in her hometown of Los Angeles — has added more vibrant, rainbow-hued designs, using her own eyelids, cheeks and lips as her canvas. “I sit in front of the mirror with some sort of look in mind and spend hours just playing around,” she says. “There’s a lot of Q-tips and cold cream involved.”
As a creative for a clothing brand, Sydney’s makeup is often inspired by what she’s wearing. “It’s easy to think of fun ideas when you have rainbows, checkers, glitter, graphics, plaid and other pretty things laying around,” says Sydney, who has gained confidence getting more experimental thanks to the support of her online community. “I’m always so grateful when I get positive feedback when I feel like I’ve created something really cool. It’s nice to have people cheer you on for something you enjoy doing.” ??
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