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After winning a gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Winter Games, former figure skater Tara Lipinski (@taralipinski) finds covering the 2016 Olympics from the broadcast booth a welcome change. “There is still a sense of performance with broadcasting on live television and a good amount of pressure that goes along with that,” Tara says. “But nothing like the intense pressure of taking the ice for Olympic competition.” Rio will be the first Summer Olympics she will have the opportunity to cover for NBC (@nbcolympics). “In my heart I will always have a soft spot for the Winter Olympics, but I have always been envious of those summer Olympians and the warm weather they get to enjoy,” she says. Outside of the games themselves, Tara also is looking forward to seeing the sights while in Brazil. “Rio has so much to offer but I would like to experience as much of the local flavor as I can — whether it be restaurants, shops or more of the stunning views across the city.”
Photo by @taralipinski

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