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Self-described “shape-shifter” Mac Do (@gdragons_caviar) loves to play dress up. “I identify as nonbinary, so my makeup is definitely a tool I use to express that. But instead of waking up and deciding if I’m masc[uline] or femme or both or neither, I’m usually deciding if I’m a mage, a demon or a cybernetic elf that day,” says the Sino-Vietnamese artist.⁣

“I do wear my looks out and sometimes I get really anxious about it, but I do it because it’s what makes me feel the most me.” #ThisWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @gdragons_caviar

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With only two years of industry experience, hairdresser Alejandro Lopez (@artistic.aestheticss) is already making waves with his intricate designs, like these dreamcatcher braids. These days, the 20-year-old often uses wigs for his more detailed and complex creations. “It really lets me be as creative as I please without having to worry about time or having to stick with what someone else is wanting. I get complete freedom!” he says. #ThisWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @artistic.aestheticss

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On today’s #WeeklyFluff, meet Squid (@squidthegriff), a “sweet-hearted” Brussels Griffon. “Originally, we named him Squid after his big googly eyes 👀 and his fur being as black as squid ink,” says his human Susanne. 🦑⁣⁣
“When Squid’s beard starter to grow longer, it took on a tentacle-like appearance when wet. The name turned out to be even more of a perfect fit for him!”⁣⁣

Photo by @squidthegriff


This is what staying home and staying safe looks like ☀️🐶✨🛹💯⁣

Hopefully these videos brighten your day like they did ours. Check out our story for even more. 😊⁣

Videos by @malindahermanofficial, @siravariety, @thfingerboarding


Mother know best? According to model and new mom Ashley Graham (@ashleygraham), her mother — aka “Mama Graham” — really does.⁣

Ashley is using this time to soak up life’s lessons from the woman who taught her everything she knows… and good news for us, we get to hear them too. 🙌⁣

“One of my favorite parts about myself that my mother taught me was being able to find happiness in any situation. Thank you, Mama Graham.”⁣

So whether you are a mom, taking care of your mom or missing your mom, remember to slow down and #TakeABreak. You deserve it. 💞



For lots of people around the world, the time is now to #StayHome. That also means it’s time to 👋reach out 👋 (by phone or from a safe distance!) to neighbors, friends and family who could use a pick-me-up.⁣⁣
Remember: we’re in this together. 🌏❤️ ⁣
For the latest on staying #HealthyAtHome, follow @who.⁣⁣
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Signs of the times: toilet paper quidditch⚡️a tiny meditating chef 👨‍🍳 and makeup with a message. 👄
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Videos by @jojotheragdollcat, @thetinychefshow and @kickiyangz

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Patrick Cabral’s (@darkgravity) large, layered paper sculptures may be intricate, but his approach is deceptively simple.⁣

“I just cut one hole after another,” says the Filipino artist, who uses his talent to raise awareness about endangered species, like this tiger, which took him about 200 hours to create.⁣

“What I love about the work I do is that it’s also my form of meditation. Every time I do my work, I get into a Zen state. I have to be completely present, because I am using a sharp blade, and all I think of is cutting one hole at a time.” #ThisWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @darkgravity

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Graphic designer and paper artist Jihee Lee (@edaeri11) adds materials like acrylic, felt and iron nuts and bolts into her lifelike models of everyday objects.⁣

But all her creations — including this colorful meal — have one thing in common: their main ingredient is always paper.⁣

“When I make food, I first imagine how the food is plated, then I decide which materials and colors work up an appetite,” she says of her intricate sculptures. “I make a sketch and then do a 3D modeling, just like I’d set up a table for dinner. I give my best effort to make the food look as delicious as possible.” #ThisWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @edaeri11

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